Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

Things I hate… pub?


The pub is gone. Move on. Blows in. Blow out. Move on. The lads ran a pub. It was theirs. They can do do what they like. They did. Well done. Move on. It closed. Now I hope it stays that way. I didn’t at first. I hate that shit about will it open. People broke their windows recently. I hate that shit too. I say break theirs. Other pubs closed. Pubs close all the time. People move on. Regeneration. A generation has moved on. The town is bigger now. A town of almost all blow ins. We need a new pub. Not an old one. An old style one. A new tv would do. I hate blow ins. Next.


  1. How long you in the area, i would say your a blow in too. id say you blew out and then blew in. thats means your a blow in again. Unless you have been born and raised there you cant slag blow ins

  2. I’ve moved into the Village 3 times at this stage. Am here about 16 years. Not so sure about peterD, sure he’s just mad anyway 🙂

  3. yeah aido
    i moved here once… but then i am only qualified to talk about plants and how air movement may affect. Slight difference between that and blow-in.


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