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vote for the rick!

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I’ve written about rick before – but normally I end up crying. He’s a tougher man than me…. He won’t cry. But he might. Anyhow I couldn’t go through the pain of writing a practical post – not about plants – so I nabbed Cork Boye Joe Scanlons


Get your voting fingers out for Rick O’Shea in the upcoming Meteor Music Awards. It’s pretty easy and quick to vote. Unfortunately the Meteor site is a bit crap and won’t let me link into the actual awards page.

Here goes:
1. Go to:
2. Click on “vote now” circled in green below:


3. Scroll down a little and click on “Best national DJ” on the left hand menu:


4. Click on Rick O’Shea

5. Enter the text from the image shown. Marked A below.
6. Select your mobile network. Marked B below.
7. Enter your complete mobile number. Marked C below.
9. Click “Submit your vote“. Marked D below.


And thats it.

I also voted for Mick Flannery and Republic of Loose (Mick Pyro) in the best male and best Irish band categories. So use your vote and vote for others too. Just remember Rick O’Shea pumping out the toons on 2fm.

One Comment

  1. You lazy article! VOTE RICK!! DO IT!

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