Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

What an ass


what an ass

I’ve not been well recently. Not all. I’ve been sick. Shut it McMahon before you start coming out with your smart-arsed comments. And that other gobshite Darren about my mobile phone. I dont have one. You are right. I dont want one. I’d probably have to talk to some gobshite like you. You know Donegan. You get stuffed too. About as intelligent as an empty barell of Smithwicks. Yes the three of youse.

I couldnt call anyone. People did call. To do shite to my house. The work would have been shite. Some other gobshite dumped crap outside my driveway. I don’t like them people. If they’d ask I’d have told them were Mcmahon lives they could have dumped it there. They did nt ask. What an ass.

the local pubIm going to kettles on friday. for a pint on my own. i dont want to. what can i do. i heard you were there mcmahon with your electricution brother. I dont mind him. Hes a gobshite too. Not like you three. Total gobshites. I hope i dont see you there. they have a badge in the door window. It says sky sports. I wish football was playing. I wouldnt have to listen to your shite. you dont listen to me. what an ass.

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