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What Apple will launch today


Today Apple is expected to launch the iPhone5.  Weather they do or not release the iPhone5 they will release a new version of the iPhone, that is a given.  There has been a lot of speculation and guesstimates across the web with regards to spec and screen size.  Will the new iPhone support NFC and/or LTE is the guessing game that keeps ever tech on their toes.

Unlike past launches Apple would usually leak something or an employee would “accidentally” leave a new device in a bar to fuels the hype, not heard of any this time round.

I like the idea of an iPad Mini, an in between iPhone and iPad.  Will Apple launch same? In some ways it would make sense,  people in contract with the iPhone4s are less likely to upgrade.  Apple still want your money so no better way than to wave a new product in your face.

Then again Apple wont launch an iPad Mini.  What they will launch is a new iPod Touch,  why introduce a new product when a new improved iPod Touch could be enough to take the market share from the likes of the Kindle and Android tablets.

So my predictions are that Apple will launch:

  • A new iPhone5
  • A new iPod Touch (to win back market share)
  • A new Nano (mp3 player)

I wont place money on it because I don’t think any bookies would give me any odds.  Its going to happen, Phone, Touch, Nano – I know I’m right, a little birdy told me.

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