Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

who am i…? who the feck are you?

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already open for business

already open for business

i hear people snooping around asking who i am. who cares? i heard about ye were talking in kettles. thats the problem with this town there is no problem. i saw you playing guitar agin mc mahon in the inn. the new rolestown inn. know sometthing? you’re still shite. you play all those high fetched girls songs that no one ever heard of. At least donegan plays stuff we all know. Do not get me started on or any of the rest of that shower of feckwits.

You think you’re great doegan don’t you? well you’re not. I told you before you’re an eejit too. Not like that moreon aido, adrian. Adrian is a girls name. sponsoring web awards you were? with some othere eejits. so you managed to get out of ballygo-shitehole did ye? and now you’re going to go back to the same hole where it all started. Connors. I saw the sign. I saw it. opening soon? it says. well you wont see me there. You wont fecking see me there i say. For what to listen to shite. your shite. There’s only one thing worse than seeing you play guitar on a thursday and thats haing to sit closer to you in a shitehole of a small house thats calle a pub because theres no other choice listenen to people talkin shite about who did who and what not.

learn how to drive in my village first. get rid of that shaggin building they call a pub. get a girlfriend. get a life and get the blazes out of here while ye still have legs and while your at it. leave me alone. if i wanted ye to know who i was i’d tell you. i dont want to talk to you. i dont want you to talk about me. i’m not going into connors. maybe if ye two weren’t such feckless eejits. find something else to talk about. Now that yellow pub is opening your probably stuck for converstation? Heres something for ye to be chirping on about. eejits. at least my toilets work. think about that one next time you sit down in connors. i’m sticking too myself.

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  1. You are a funny old fart. Keep taking those pills.. actually no don’t they are your life line. I wont be stopping to give you a lift next time. I see they are building a new bridge which will probably be too high for your bad hips, find a new place to sit.

    The good news for all is you wont venture into O’Connors, so there wont be a bad smell. Now off you go and play with a tractor or something..

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