Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

yearbook yourself….


I found this over at Darraghs site and it was also at Ricks site and at pixies site… too so I decided to jump on the band wagon.. If you want to try it click here… but be prepared for a good laugh…

My years are from a recent picture then onto 1976, 1974 and 1956… of course i threw in Rick from 1970 and Darragh all presidential looking from 1956 and one from Maries… suits you sir/ lady!


  1. Hmm … all quite, quite dodgy pics in my opinion!

  2. and you’re grand lookin’- a bit air hostessie-ish but damn sure beats my polo neck?!!

  3. so hot right now! Polonecks are totally where it’s at.

  4. A Chara Raptures

    thats two of us [out of 4.5 million in ireland – whats that as a percentage… ?!!]funnily enough my hair actually was that long when i was about 14… freaky!!

    need to find my miami vice outfit next and get a mullet pic…?!!


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