Ballyboughal, Fingal North Co Dublin. Est Feb '08

You better watch out!


With the dark nights now firmly set it Santa Clause is no the only person coming to town. Recently there has been a number of attempted burglaries in the local area.

Last week about 2a.m. a car pull into our cul-de-sac. Its so quiet out here you get familiar with the sound of neighbors cars. As it was late we looked out the window and saw two people going into a house, nothing out of the ordinary there, its only the neighbors son and his mate.

Least thats what we though, but why didn’t they head for the usual route. I had another look and sure as shit there you have it two flash lights in the night snooping around the back of the house. First thing I did was called the neighbour to let him know. The second was to let a yell at them.

When I looked out again he was climbing over my fence with a bag in one hand an flash light in the other, closely followed by his “buddy”. I let another roar at him by this stage the another neighbour is at their window giving them a run.

They didn’t blink an eye, and gave the excuse(with one foot over the fence) that they where looking for a B&B! We told them the garda had been called, did they care… no. When we said there was no B&B and kindly F%&K OFF, eventually the walked back to their car.

They drove out of the cul-de-sac without turning on the car lights thinking we wouldn’t get a good look at the car. It wasn’t difficult to see it was a Toyota Carina II hatch back, gun barrel grey with a white pin stripe. Little did they know my CCTV records in night vision.

If you think you hear something odd it, take a look out the window. If you are worried ring a neighbour, call the Garda. Leave nothing outside to encourage them to enter your garden. Lock the gates.

I had this conversation with my brother, who used to specialise in alarm installations. I said now is a good time for him to advertise for new business his reply surprised me. In 2006 alarm installation was regulated. The government set up a body called the Private Security Authority, (PSA) to ensure all burglar alarms are installed to the new European standard EN50131, replacing the old IS199 standard.

He, like many operated to these requirements but said the PSA license fee and the amount of hoops you had to jump through was not worth the effort. Just another stealth tax and without it it makes it illegal for him to continue installing alarms.

Eircom use approved contractors for the initial install of Phone Watch to meet supply on demand, but Eircom maintain the service. Lots of sole contractors depended on this business to make a living.

If you hear the sound of a shot gun late at night thats usually a warning shot for neighbours to be on their guard. I’m not sure if this is a wise thing to do, would it seriously deter a burglar or provoke something else .

If you hear sound late a night it would do you no harm to take a look out the window. If you are worried then light up the house and call a neighbour.

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